Don’t think too much…do what makes you happy


Sometimes all we need in life is to do what makes us happy. Thinking too much will make your life more stressful, you realise very soon that you put yourself under far too much pressure and there comes a point in your life when you realise that being happy, healthy and full of life, doing what you like in both your career and personal space is ideally what you need to achieve.

It’s amazing how we can think about things continuously, looking constantly at things we want to achieve, to improve to get better at, and being a thinker myself I have come to work on not thinking as much and living more.

We think of many things that does not need to be thought about. What we need to do are things that make us happy and that we do not stress about. We need to realise that we can’t always control all outcomes and going with the flow and doing what makes you happy, also helps you achieve the same outcomes.

Leading a balanced life, and doing things that make you happy is key to a fulfilled life. The recent change in my environment with a move to a new city, which I was terribly excited about, would allow me to do more of the things I liked and that would make me happier, such as experiencing more art, theatre, music, sports and people – building new relationships and making new friends.

These are the things that make life fulfilling, experiences that make you happy, leading a balanced life, little vacations, adventures with new friends, new experiences, doing things you haven’t made time to do, like reading, leading a healthier more fit lifestyle like gyming, doing yoga and walking more, or going to places you’ve never visited before and doing things that enriches your life.

Not everyone wants this, chasing just money, increasing possessions and living superficial lives with superficial relationships, is what some people aspire to – and think that to work and acquire possessions is what is seen as success and makes them happy, and that’s fine, as we all have different things that make us happy, ‘to each his own’.

We all have different goals and things we wish to achieve, but its key to remember that life is all about the journey, the experiences and the memorable moments, as leading your life to acquire possessions would not be as fulfilling long-term, possessions come and go and will not be memorable and leave indelible moments etched in your heart and brain, it goes as easy as it comes.

Make THE MOST OF YOUR NEW SPACE, don’t let your environment change you negatively, but positively, stay true to you and further enrich your personality. What change in environment or interest would make you think less and make you happier?

Sometimes all we need in life is a bit more balance and a little happiness to make our lives even better. Think about what makes you tick, what would make you happier and do it.

“Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.”  ― Rachel Ann Nunes