A Compass or a roadmap?


Compass-300x199“Do you prefer to lead your life more with a compass or with a roadmap?” I came across this thought in a book that I am currently reading by Reg Lascaris, “Lessons from the boot of a car” and this is a good question, do you prefer to have a clear path, where you map everything out to the last “t” or do you have more or less a direction of where you are heading and do you allow each corner to take its course and have the journey down each road take you to new places and new experiences.

I personally would prefer a compass and would think it a wiser option. A roadmap is something we would often seek for as it’s a safe option, it’s a map that will show us the exact direction and road to take. This is safer, easier and in actual fact, the less adventurous option. As they say, “it’s not about the destination but the journey traveled” to reach the destination. Life should be more fun and adventurous and it’s far too complicated to take a mapped out path. I don’t want a roadmap to my life but a compass.

A compass defines where you would like to be in future, what you would like to achieve, how many kids you would like to have, the places you wish to travel to, what legacy you wish to leave? A roadmap will show you a guided path, turn by turn, in hope that the road is clear of any obstacles, as you progress to the next corner or turn. A wrong turn can leave you in a dead-end that you didn’t choose to be in. I don’t want a roadmap dictating my every turn. A compass allows one more room for failure, experience and choice – lessons learnt as you progress further on your journey. A choice when you are in a dead-end, it’s because you chose that path and can relook another route. Guiding your life with a value based compass will get you there with a sense of adventure.

I choose to live my life compass-driven. The question is – How do you choose to live yours?